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Coastal zone of County Donegal 

Hooked Festival - Killybegs

Our stand at Killybegs 'Hooked' 2019 showing prototyped ideas from the community workshops and the development of filament from polyethelene pellets from upcycled fishing nets. 

We also introduced the potential of 3D printing for prototyping and dsicussed how localised co-design processes could support the development of micro-enterprises and contribute to coastal resilience

TY Design Challenge week

Our enterprise and innovation cohort for the design sprint 'Problem to Pitch'. of the benefits I found during the week was I learned how to identify and understand problems that affect me in my day to day life. Thank you so much for organising certificates and for such an incredible week!

Extract from Student - Problem to Pitch week-long intensive

Each young person created a minimum viable product using marine plastic off-cuts and presented it to members of the MARplas design team. The desgin sprint takes the cohort through the whole Design Thinking process with an additional focus on ecological design, using practical activities that are scaffolded age-appropriately. The process gives learners an opportunity to gain skills and competencies developing a growth mindset and that are transferable. Design Sprint 5 day challenge overview 

Community Co-Design Workshops

As part of our Design Sprint week the design team and the students went to visit Swan Net Gundry were we met with net designers, net makers and learned about the whole fishing net production ecosystem. 

This enabled the student cohort to consider the 'whole' system and were as deisgners they could intervene. They then undertook a life cycle analysis of upcycled products made from marine plastic waste, developing the skills to undertake this in their own design process. 

You can scroll through the gallery below to see how the visit informed the students process and prototyped designs. 

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